Colorful reality


Colorful reality

Big eyes, vivid colors and celebrities – here are the main features through which you can certainly recognize Richard Phillips. A contemporary well-known American artist.

His style could be described as hyper-realism, but his paintings do recall the style of vintage 50s – 70s magazines. Wonderful colors, provocative poses and large scale celebrity faces. At the very first glance you’ll be astonished by the simplicity and the perfection of his works. He is also famous for his fashion – collaborations with Jimmy Choo, Lacoste, MAC (he actually used their beauty products for his paintings).

Philips once said: “My pictures involve a kind of wasted beauty – that’s always been a thread in my work.” That’s an explanation to how he manages to make art from everything. Even from the celebreties who are not considered to be taken seriously. But when you look at his Lindsay Lohan, Adriana Lima or former porn star Sasha Grey you can only admire and call it Art with a capital “A.” The only best thing is to admire, without any judging.

And here without any further ado – time to look at his new masterpiece created especially for Aline!

Masha D.

16994-1365527499-richard phillips


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