«Aimez- Vous Brahms?»


«Aimez- Vous Brahms?»

Aline has already given you some hints about what to wear for the perfect evening.

Now the decision – where to go? It’s difficult to find something more romantic, than going with your sweetheart to listen to some classical music. Remember the episode from «Pretty woman», when Julia Roberts couldn’t hold back her tears while listening to the Opera? How adorable she was!

In this post I tell you what music definitely won’t leave you pococurante.

After reading the book of Francoise de Sagan with the same title, when I was thirteen, for me Johannes Brahms became a composer, whose music was listening young Simone while falling in love with Paul…

His symphonies and sonatas are the equivalent of love poems. Touching, full of thoughts and making you sentimental even in our cynical world.

Not long ago in Moscow there was an International Music Festival named after famous Russian cellist and conductor Mstislav Rostropovich. I bought my ticket to the concert of London Philharmonic Orchestra in advance. First of all, because of my most preferred conductor – Vladimir Jurowki, secondly, because of the Brahms Piano concert №2, perfectly played by American talented pianist Nicholas Angelich, who gave a sample of brilliant concert reading.

There can be many words about this music, but you will never say enough. There is something that cannot have verbal interpretation. May be, it is the best piano concert ever (if there can be such a competition).

Just before his 45th birthday, in 1878, Johannes Brahms began sketching out themes for his second piano concerto. His first, completed almost 20 years earlier, had met with a less than enthusiastic reception, and Brahms had avoided tackling another. However, by 1878 Brahms was a famous and critically acclaimed composer, with two symphonies under his belt and perhaps he finally felt that he was up to the challenge. And he won.

He completed the piece in 1881, and wrote to his friend Elisabeth von Herzogenberg that he had finished «a tiny little piano concerto with a wisp of a scherzo».  This was his joke, of course, since he knew his piano concerto was one of the largest since Beethoven’s concerto. Brahms’s «wisp» of a scherzo made the piece especially unusual, since instead of the typical three-movement form he enlarged the concerto to a symphonic, four-part size.

The concert is complex and simple, serene and mysterious, full of joy and sorrow. It combines «melancholy of geniuses» and lyrics of ordinary men. From the first to the last note – it keeps you spell boun.

Svyatoslav Richter, Russian virtuoso pianist, once called Brahms God. That evening I totally believed that God in music exists. And even though while listening to the closing passage – Allegretto grazioso, which is indeed graceful, I was crying, I went home with a bright feeling, that I opened a door to a mystery world.

P.S.  It is a well- known fact, that Brahms «Lullabу» is considered one of the best therapies from depression. So, turn it on right now and smile for no reason!

On pictures:

  • Brahms notes
  • Tchaikovsky concert hall
  • The London Philharmonic Orchestra
  • Vladimir Jurowski
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