Art – smart!


Art – smart!

«If art doesn’t touch you, it isn’t art», said famous Russian ballet dancer Maya Plisetskaya.

In my column I will invite you to the well – known scenes all over the world to admire operas, ballets and interesting exhibitions, which definitely will make your heart beat faster. So, let’s start our cultural adventure!

Every girl is looking for a love story to begin. So, here is a hint – start going to exhibitions! At least, you will meet a soul mate, who will also share your desire for impressionists or cubists.

Few of my friends have visited Musée Marmottan Monet in Paris. But I strongly recommend you do not postpone it! Choose a day to fall in love with the Impressionism world.

The museum is situated near Le Bois de Boulogne, it is a very beautiful old estate of Duc de Valmy. You can enjoy several floors, where you can learn about First Empire art, furniture, medieval sculpture and manuscripts and finally, Monet, Impressionism and Post-Impressionism. You will be quite surprised and pleased by the visual treats of «first courses».

As we enter to the orangerie, full of light and Monet paintings…many visitors immediately gravitate to Monet’s early “Impression, Sunrise”, the painting that actually gave a start to this movement. For me personally, I prefer the majestic Giverny Nymphéas. Absolutely fascinating  capturing of light effects on water! You can discover more than hundred paintings by Gauguin, Sisley, Pissarro, Renoir, Degas, Berthe Morisot etc. I spent good three hours watching the broad strokes of color making breathtaking landscapes and portraits.

I hope that for you as well it will be love from the first sight. But as for the perfect second date- we will head to watch Roden’s  “Kiss”.

Keep updated!

Text by: Art & Culture Disciple Masha D .


On the pictures: Giverny Nymphéas by Monet, Musée Marmottan Monet in Paris, Impression Sunrise by Monet

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  1. Marcel
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    Great article!

  2. Alexey
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    Impressive! I would strongly recommend to have a look at this interactive Website with Monet’s pieces:

  3. Oksana
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    We’ve been there! I liked it very much, but the queue was crazy. The majestic Giverny Nymphéas were really beautiful! 🙂

  4. Masha D.
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    You can escape it, if ur buy tickets in the ticket office in the city. 😉 But still, glad, u’ve enjoyed it!

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