Chanel upcoming Cruise Collection in Dubai


Chanel upcoming Cruise Collection in Dubai

“I’m very much down to earth – just not on this earth!” Karl Lagerfeld says about himself.
After Paris, New York, Versailles, Los Angeles, Miami, Venice, Saint-Tropez and Singapore, Chanel arrives in Dubai to present the 2014-15 cruise collection. How thrilling is that?!
The show will be held on May 13, 2014 in The Island, an island located off Jumeirah Beach Road less than half a mile from the coast of the city. And, it goes without saying, Karl Lagerfeld will be also there.
The Chanel Cruise collection is one of the fashion world’s most anticipated events. The fashion house Chanel has chosen Dubai as “dynamic, multicultural city that inspires travel and evokes the spirit of the Cruise collection.” Imagine what could this spirit look like? A mix of cosmopolitan metropolis, finest and most particular architecture, arabesque traditional Kaftans and finest Jewelry?
Of course till the 13th of May the collection is TOP SECRET, so real Fashionistas hearts are beating fast only thinking of what to expect this time. For sure the show will be BIG and extravagant and controversal as always.
No doubt ladies…Karl will enchant us.
P.S. Chanel has three ready-to-wear stores in Dubai. In October 2010, Lagerfeld announced plans to create his own fashion island, 20 miles off the coast of Dubai, named the Isla Moda. Lets hope his and ours dreams will come true.
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