Discover – DELPOZO


Discover – DELPOZO

lavitrinedaline.alina.kaltsidou.delpozo.sketchI have discovered DELPOZO brand 2 years ago, although it was founded in 1974 by Jesús del Pozo in Madrid. But only in 2011, the Perfumes & Diseño Group internationally relaunched DELPOZO brand.

Nowdays DELPOZO defines itself as a prêt-à-couture house. They embrace time honored couture techniques with a modern sensibility in order to create unique and feminine pieces. Josep Font was named a Creative Director of DELPOZO in 2012. Originally trained as an architect he uses innovative and unusual techniques in his designs.

To be honest this is the brand which is not that easy to find. With a flagship store in Madrid, the only way for us citizens of Switzerland to purchase it is on-line. On NET-A-PORTER you can find only few pieces of the brand and on ModaOperandi you can only pre-order (and be very patient, since it takes half of the year till you receive your desirable package). But believe me its worth it!

By the way from now on, you can check and order on-line my looks on

Yours Aline

On the pictures me wearing: DELPOZO dress, Dior earrings, Prada shoes, American Apparel headpiece, vintage bracelet.

Make-up: Klava Karamelkina

Photos: Ani Egoista




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