Dubai. Junsui.


Dubai. Junsui.

In December 1999, famous Burj Al Arab hotel was opened in UAE. It seemed the world never saw such a luxury before. First class service, unique design, and a white sand beach – all this attracted quite a few powerful and famous people from all over the world to the UAE.

However, everything comes to an end, now buses of tourists overwhelm the hotel and solitude is out of the question. Without any notice the beach has moved to a noisy Jumeirah hotel area for an uncertain period. And I cannot bring myself to call the service excellent anymore.

In my view, there is only one reason left for you to  visit the famous Burj Al Arab and only for one evening. It is for the Asian restaurant called Junsui which means ‘pure’. Perhaps the concept of the restaurant is no longer unique however it never fails to delight me.

Going down to a floor specially designated for the restaurant, you enter a totally different world. A world of serenity and tranquility. Take an aperitif in the cocktail lounge and go on to experience gastronomy adventures!

Forty five cooks are ready to please the most demanding client. In my opinion, the restaurant vaguely resembles a food fair. The most popular Asian dishes are born on twelve live cooking stations in front of your eyes. Two sushi chefs are ready to prepare maki, nigiri and sashimi that fit everyone’s taste. You must try the shrimp tempura maki which are extremely tasty and very juicy.

Do you want Peking duck but you hate to prepare it? Not a problem, miniature Asian women are ready to make delicious duck rolls for you.

There is an entire dim sum section designated where you can taste not only traditional steamed shrimp, vegetable and chicken dumplings but also sweet dim sums too.

There is also a soup section. Frankly speaking, this section is my favorite one. You can use your imagination and create your own soup in 5 minutes: first you choose the type of noodles, then the ingredients you want to have inside your dish and seconds later all this is mixed in a bouillon of your choice.

For desert, there is an incredible variety of Asian sweets and a chocolate fountain… And all this is just a half of what you can indulge in.

Bon Appétit!

Yours Aline


Ground mezzanine floor, Burj Al Arab Hotel, Dubai

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