Full version of the interview for People Thema magazine


Full version of the interview for People Thema magazine

How did the idea of «La vitrine d’Αline» take birth?

I was always scared to be just “another” fashion blogger, so when my husband Patrick suggested that I launch a blog I refused. But after a while when my swiss friends told me about the lack of good quality press and blogs in Switzerland, I decided to take the risk.

Is it strange for a woman like you, who has enough money to do anything she wants for a living, that she chose to be a fashion blogger?

Well I would say it’s quite opposite. After I finished the state law academy and studied a bit of journalism, I worked as a lawyer for 3 years. But fashion was always my passion, and I wanted to do something away from my families business. So I moved to Geneva, and worked with the jewelry brand de Grisogono for a while, but after getting married and finding myself in Zurich I decided to show people my point of view on high fashion. I would like for people to associate wealthy women not with sparkles and fur. Basically I want to show people that they don’t need to be scared to mix and match high fashion brands.

Reading your fashion blog, I found it extremely different from any other I have read. It is unique and has a fine taste that it is very difficult to see in other’s work. How did your relationship with fashion started?

Thank you, I appreciate it.

Well my, relationship with fashion started quite early. When my dad was still an ordinary student back in USSR, it was really difficult, I would say even impossible to get any stylish or good quality clothes. My mum and grandmother were sewing me clothes during the night from sketches of international catalogues. So we could say that it was basically my first haute couture experience.))) My mum is a very creative person who has an incredible sense of style, which she was always projecting on me. This is how my relationship with fashion started.

What did your friends say when you announced to them that you want to become a fashion blogger? 

My friends were always pushing me to do something like that, so they were obviously very supportive and excited when I finally launched La Vitrine d’Aline.

What is your life’s moto?

I would say “Tous est pour les miex” (everything is for the best). It is a quote from my favorite book by Voltaire “Candide, ou l’Optimisme”. I even have a tattoo on my wrist with this quote.

How is being Alina Kaltsidou for 24 hours? What are your everyday activities? 

I travel a lot and love to discover new places, that’s why it is hard to describe my usual 24hours.

Could you share with us an experience that you will never forget?

One of the greatest days that I will never forget was the day when my brother was born. I was almost ten years old, but I still remember the joy and happiness when I heard the news from my grandmother. It was such a sunny and hot day, and I was joyfully running barefoot on the grass with the happy thought in my head.

What have your father and mother taught you about life?

I know it is hard to believe but my parents are very down to earth. That’s why they were teaching my brother, and me that money gives you an extra comfort, but you still need to learn how to become a good person, respect people and cherish what you have.

Your relationship with Greece? Do you feel more Greek or Russian?

You need to understand that I spent quite a while in Russia, went to school there, graduated from the Moscow State Law Academy. So Russia left an impact on me. But on the other hand I’m completely in love with Greece, from the ancient literature to the delicious food.

Your name in Greek means light. Are you the light in others’ life?

Well to be honest, sometimes I’m such a “light” that my husband prefers to hide in the darkness for a while…)))

Questions by Evlambia Revi



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  1. Travelsmoothie

    Oh the last answer about the “light” 🙂 Love your sense of humour xx


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