Italy. Merano. Palace by Henri Chenot.


Italy. Merano. Palace by Henri Chenot.

For ten years already I have a tradition to go once/twice a year for a detox  to the spa clinics. During this period of time I have tried quite a few of them, but my heart still belongs to the place which I visited first.

From my experience, Palace by Henri Chenot in Merano is the best in order to provide you with a medical check-up combined with detox treatments and loooooots of beauty procedures.

The moment you arrive in the charming Palace you forget what you are here for. The spectacular building with a view of the mountains, surrounded by palm trees, will take your breath away. Inside you will find a great balance of the majestic old and the innovative new.

Already while making your reservation in the hotel you will be requested to choose a package (detox, energy, anti-aging or wellness) with basic treatments included and a specific diet that you prefer to stick to. The Detox diet consist of 3 meals a day (fruit breakfast, 3 course lunch, 3 course dinner) with approximately 800 kcal per day. The Bio light menu its a healthy food option to the people who came without the intention of loosing weight since its consists of higher amount of calories.

Usually every package includes visits to the doctor, check-ups, massage, hydro-mud therapy, aestitician visit, energy treatment, and a personal diet plan to follow after your stay. But I suggest for you to add more than that to your plan, since the variety of extra treatments is incredible there.

My personal favorites are:

  1. Shock waves (anti cellulite radial shock wave treatment at high energy).
  2. Indiba (a monopolar radio frequency treatment which has regeneration and fat burning cells effect).
  3. Vacu Power (running machine with vacuum helps to improve silhouette).
  4. Muscle toning (passive workout tones muscles, but for better effect need to be combined with gym).
  5. Face Led (stimulation of collagen with the light).
  6. Plasma-lift (injections of patients own plasma to revitalise the face).

Believe me, the first 2-3 days in the Palace won’t be easy. But you will get there and start to feel better and better every day. So hopefully you will go home lighter, happier and healthier.


Yours Aline

Photos taken by me (c) 

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