Look # 9. Eco fashion.


Look # 9. Eco fashion.

Nowadays more and more are people becoming vegetarians, a lot of companies & hotels are trying  to save energy during their usual daily routine, compostable plastic bags and wraps being developed.

And of course fashion industry and fashion people started to change their opinions about certain things too. A lot of fashion brands stopped using real fur or leather in their designs. Now you can see more and more fake fur on the pages of The fashion magazines.

Even a huge mass brand like H&M,  has been lately promoting its sustainability initiatives and launched eco-friendly lines, Conscious and Conscious Exclusive. H&M Conscious Exclusive is a new collaboration with EVER Manifesto, which hits a more dressed-up and dramatic note, inspired by bohemia and flamenco.

As for me I felt in love with the torero-inspired jacket and  mixed it with the outfit of my new favorite fashion duet RUBAN.

Yours Aline

lavitrinedaline_alina_kaltsidou_ruban_H&M_1 lavitrinedaline_alina_kaltsidou_ruban_H&M_3lavitrinedaline_ruban


On the picture me wearing: H&M Conscious Exclusive jacket, top and basque RUBAN, Dolce&Gabbana shoes and earrings, custom made art deco engagement ring, David Morris wedding band, AdR for H&M bracelet. 

Photos by Andrea Monica Hug

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  1. Travelsmoothie

    Alina, I am a fan!

    You really have the talent of putting things together that most people would never think of. Your looks are brave and they definitely work!



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