Look #18. Dress for every occasion


Look #18. Dress for every occasion

I’ve been always thinking its not just a clothes which creating your image, its the whole styling and a person, who wears them. I am for example a big fan of transforming the same dress during the day with different accessories, hair and make up. Could be very useful if you are limited in timing between your every day events.

Thanks to Nicolas Ghesquiére in his first collection for Louis Vuitton he created a few dresses which are perfect to wear 24/7.

This white dress you can wear with natural make-up, hair up and mid-calf boots during the day, and for the evening you just let your hair down, add some eyeliner, change into high-heel sexy boots, and you are ready for the hot date.

Yours Aline

On the pictures me wearing:

  • Louis Vuitton dress, belt, mid-calf boots, Dior earrings, vintage bakelite bracelets;
  • Louis Vuitton dress, belt, high-heel Gucci boots, Repossi bracelet.

Make up by Klava Karamelkina, Sergey Naumov

Pictures by Ani Egoista, Thomas Buchwalder




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