Look # 19. Treat yourself with tasty colors and flawless shapes


Look # 19. Treat yourself with tasty colors and flawless shapes

When I have just realized that I got pregnant, as an absolute fashionista I started to think about my wardrobe options for the “baby bump” times. Obviously on a certain period of pregnancy most of your normal size clothes is not fitting you anymore (of course if you are not Natalia Vodianova and gained only 5 kg)…) But for the majority of ladies (Im not an exception) comes the day when we start to think how to deal with new “extraordinary” shapes.

As for me Im not a big fan of the clothes which squeeze you like a sausage and you look even more pregnant than you are. Till the 6 months I was successfully covering my shapes under 60’s style trapeze dresses and people could barely see that I was pregnant.

But even when I got bigger, I noticed that some of the designers are making baby bump – friendly dresses (I guess without realizing it). For example this flawless peach dress from DELPOZO you could wear not only on different stages of pregnancy, but also after you will receive the baby.

Also very important not to forget to “treat” yourself with the color. Pregnancy is not a sickness. Don’t wear only sad colors. In order to keep your unborn baby and yourself in a good mood, you need to be surrounded with (or wear…) beautiful things of joyful colors. Just remember that this colors need to emphasize your beauty, not take it away. Last thing you want to look like a Miss Piggy from the muppet show.))

Yours Aline and her stylish baby bump

On the pictures me wearing: DELPOZO dress, Bvlgari earrings and watch.

Make up by Klava Karamelkina

Pictures by Ani Egoista



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