Look # 2. Cherry blossoms vs. Ancient Greece


Look # 2. Cherry blossoms vs. Ancient Greece

This season, I fell in love at first sight with Dolce & Gabbana spring/summer collection.

And there are many reasons for that. I was happy to notice antique Greek motives, as after all I have Greek blood in my veins. Every summer I’m buying like crazy all kinds of tunics “a la greque”; but last collection of italian designers has also shoes with the heels in a shape of Greek-columns, belts made of antique coins, basically everything your heart desires. And when it seemed that it could not be better, ingenious Stefano and Domenico launched blossoming cherry prints, by the way, one of my favorite blooms. Did I already mention that even my toy terrier name is „Cherry“?

Frankly speaking, I was looking forward seeing new collection in boutiques, however fur-trimmed red coat did not go on sale. As it turned out designers decided not to put it in mass production and I am one of a few happy owners of this scarlet prodigy.))


On the photo me wearing: Dolce&Gabbana look, Céline sunglasses.

Photos made by Andrea Monica Hug

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