Look # 20. Mood therapy


Look # 20. Mood therapy

Let me tell you something that you all probably already know – longer you being pregnant, bigger you get (I mean most of us..))).

Access to the stylish clothes getting more and more limited. But me as a person who just doesn’t want to live in a boring grey world (even for a while) has found a solution. I decided that even simple oversized clothes you can customize with something unusual, to make your pregnant days more fun.

If you are reading my blog from the beginning you already know that I have a weakness to everything with “kitty cat” ears and a family story behind it. Well thats why Eugenia Kim hats are one of my favorites, you probably may already seen me wearing one (golden version for summer), this time I invested in a lovely grey one which is a perfect for colder days.

Also after the revision of my brooches section, I made my decision by choosing one of my trademarks (which sometimes I also borrow to my husband) – Vintage Léa Stein fox. I cannot even count how many of cats and foxes I have by this designer, somehow they always fitting me, no matter what Im wearing.

I think this look is a perfect mood therapy. I mean can you pass by pregnant lady with kitty car ears and a fox brooch without a smile?)))

Yours Aline and her stylish baby bump

On the pictures me wearing: DKNY coat and pants, Dolce and Gabbana oversized sweatshirt and mosaic boots, Eugenia Kim hat, Léa Stein fox brooch.

You can shop this look here!


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