Look # 3. Plastic Fantastic


Look # 3. Plastic Fantastic

Plastic is one of my favorite trends which I have combined with seasonal novelties throughout the years.

About two years ago I discovered fabulous Shourouk jewelries. Grotesque combination of crystals with clear plastic encouraged me so much that I still keep combining massive jewelries with t-shirts and jeans, evening gowns or silk pajamas (a whole post will be devoted to my favorites soon … so keep posted!).

Gianvito Rossi pumps showed up in my wardrobe a bit later… but as a whole army in various colors. Again, clear plastic touched my feelings.

Don’t be afraid to put plastic touches to casual clothes. Here, I mixed it with a grey sweater and lavender Burberry skirt from the spring-summer collection. However, it just wouldn’t be me if I did not totally cut the skirt lining out… A combination of a more reserved looking “top” with transparent lace at the bottom, in my view, looks much more piquant and not vulgar.lavitrinedaline_alina_kaltsidou_burberry_lavender_skirtlavitrinedaline_alina_kaltsidou_burberry_lavender_skirt_sunglasseslavitrinedaline_alina_kaltsidou_burberry_lavender_skirt_ringslavitrinedaline_alina_kaltsidou_burberry_lavender_skirt_shourouk_2lavitrinedaline_alina_kaltsidou_burberry_lavender_skirt_bag_2lavitrinedaline_vishenka_shouroukOn the photo me wearing: Burberry skirt, sweater and bag, American Apparel nude body, Gianvito Rossi pumps, Shourouk necklace, David Morris wedding ring, custom made art deco engagement ring

Photos by Andrea Monica Hug

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