Look # 4. “Hello Kitty Cat!”


Look # 4. “Hello Kitty Cat!”

Despite the fact that my husband Patrick and I are very fond of dogs and our favorite Cherry is an example of that, it were cats who united us.

Once again I went to Milan for a fashion week and immediately rushed to Nobu for dinner with my friends. At this time I took a risk to mix Miu Miu purple dress with cat ears head band. It was this evening when my future husband saw me for the first time. He still likes to reminisce how deeply my large eyes and unique style impressed him. However, that evening I got out of his sight as quickly as I came in. 

The fateful meeting was the evening after. Being bored on MFW after-party at Principe di Savoia bar I was quite outraged to hear “Hello kitty cat!” phrase addressed to me by some naughty man. Later it turned out that it was Patrick and his phrase just demonstrated that he kept in mind my previous look. Just like that cat ears, which were the gift of my friend Oksana On, changed my life once for all. And I am very grateful to them.

Time moves on and my wardrobe is being completed now with cat printed dresses and incredible amount of kitty cat shoes by Charlotte Olympia. 

While my husband Patrick and I reconsidered our attitude to cats.lavitrinedaline_alina_kaltsidou_miumiu_dress_kittycatlavitrinedaline_vishenka_prada_miumiu_alina_kaltsidou20140312-HUG_9681lavitrinedaline_alina_kaltsidou_prada_bag_kittycatlavitrinedaline_alina_kaltsidou_kittycat_tealavitrinedaline_kittycatOn the photo me wearing: Miu Miu dress, Prada coat and bag, Charlotte Olympia flats, Lea Stein vintage brooches.

Photos by Andrea Monica Hug

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