Look # 7. Its all about the bags…


Look # 7. Its all about the bags…

Its not a secret that almost every girl in this planet has a passion for accessories… Some of them are crazy about shoes, others give preference to gloves, and for someone scarfs are inseparable part of their wardrobe. As for me, I‘m going crazy when I see bags.

As early as being a teenager when I just started to learn the ropes of shopping I realized very fast that you do not even need to waste your time in the fitting room to buy a bag or clutch – you can just go straight to a cash desk and should not be afraid that the accessory may not fit your size.

It’s been a while since then and I can dare calling myself not  just a buyer but a bag collector. You can find in my wardrobe literally everything a person can wish for: from classical vintage Kelly’s Hermes bags from fifties, rare Chanel and BIBA baskets from seventies, up to crazy clutches in the form of a can with sardines and glass bottles.

It goes without saying that I felt in love a couple of years ago when I discovered Olympia Le Tan and her wonder clutches which replicate covers from classical writings. Since then my collection of bags by this designer was enlarged also by clutches in the form of caviar cans and milk package.

As in my opinion it is so important to perceive fashion with a sense of humor.

Yours Aline

lavitrinedaline_simonerocha_3On the pictures me wearing: Simone Rocha dress, Prada jacket and sunglasses, Louis Vuitton cream shoes, Olympia Le Tan clutches, Chanel bag, Gianvito Rossi blue metallic shoes, Cartier bracelet, David Morris wedding ring, custom made art deco engagement ring

Photos by Andrea Monica Hug


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