Magnificent Lavrenty


Magnificent Lavrenty

Once upon a time, on a sunny afternoon in Geneva I made an absolute cultural discovery. I was passing by «Bartha&Senarclens» Gallery and took a quick notice of a poster with just a name – Lavrenty Bruni.

When you are tired to solve a puzzle called «modern art», open a world of Bruni. Big and colorful like meadows, elegant and emotional like women, full of grace and vague like ballet dance.  His aquarelle, scale and simple lines – absolute inspiration.

After a little research, I’ve discovered, that Lavrenty Bruni is a Russian contemporary painter with swiss roots. Two hundred years ago, his ancestor, famous painter Antonio Baroffi Bruni, his wife and three children settled in Tsarskoe Selo, a former Russian residence of the imperial family. Antonio wrote in his memoirs, that he was persecuted by Napoleon. It’s difficult to say, why they had to move and why they chose Russia, but one thing is for sure- artists of Bruni dynasty played a huge role in Russian art of the 19th century, as well as in the 20th, and this name continue to rock in our 21st.

In one of his interviews Lavrenty said, that ballet is perhaps the only form of classical art, where beauty is manifested in its purest and most perfect form. This enduring beauty is appealing. Bruni isn’t interested in the new ultramodern sense, when artists nowadays want, above all, to surprise, to cause a sharp emotion from disgust to fear. All these feeling will pass, but beauty never dies. This is the main motto that goes through all his pieces. His main themes are women (mostly – nu), flowers and ballet.

When I took a first glance, I would like to compare him with Dega or Serebryakova. But he is too different. Bruni doesn’t paint concrete ballet dancers, though many of them were his models. He takes about 25 pieces of paper and on each he makes sketches of a dance. When you see them all together, you can catch this ephemerality and watch the whole ballet suite.

May be some of you won’t appreciate his, at first sight, simple pieces, but it’s a well known fact, that all ingenious is simple. Take some time to enjoy his paintings and I promise, you’ll catch a feeling, that you’ll never forget…


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