Look #21. First snow!


Look #21. First snow!

Since Christmas is a family holiday I’ve decided to dedicate this post to my Russian roots which I inherited from my mum’s family (sorry greek people..).

To wear some of the original items from the past always seem like a great idea to me. I bet you will agree, that it is always nicer to wear something meaningful, with the history behind it. Thats why I’m presenting you today my two secret “weapons”.

Already for a while, Im addicted to Orenburg and Pavlovo Posad shawls. Im ordering them from the factories where they were originally invented and are still being produced using same old technics.

The first mentions about Orenburg shawls date as far as 17-th century. Russians that settled in Ural Mountain area felt necessity in warm clothing made of goat to survive cold times. The famous Orenburg woven shawls are made entirely by hand. They are handspuned and hand knitted from the finest down of goats. Despite their flawless  beautiful look and very light weight they are surprisingly warm, and will make you feel comfortable even during heavy winter.

The earliest from the presently existing Pavlovo Posad shawls date from 1870s. And already in the second half of 1880s begins the process of a distinctive democratization of the Pavlovo Posad shawls. Shawls are widely diffused not only among nobles and merchants, but gain popularity among petty bourgeois and prosperous peasants. Among with the creation of new shawl compositions which factory started to produce in 1960s, they also never forget to print old designs, but with new colour variants even nowadays.

I have a huge collection of both of those shawls in different shape and colors. Orenburg ones are perfect for winter and even remind me of a barely visible snow net on the shoulders. By the way they are also perfect if you have a flu just wrap yourself in and wait till the warmth will get inside your body.

Colorful Pavlovo Posad ones keep and keep surprising me with the amount of beautiful colorful prints and Im wearing them literally with everything, with evening dresses, jeans, jackets and even covering myself during the flight. So I was pleasantly surprised when russian brand A La Russe produced collection using Pavlovo Posad shawls. Which means, now I can wear my favorite white&blue print not only on shoulders but also as a skirt.

So I wish you never forget your roots and have a beautiful Christmas days with your family and loved ones.

Yours Aline and her stylish baby bump

On the pictures me wearing: A la Russe skirt made from Pavlovo Posad shawl, Wolford turtleneck body, Orenburg shawl, Axenoff jewellery earings, Queensbee ring, Piers Atkinson headpiece, Charlotte Olympia christmas edition shoes.


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