Moscow. Mari Vanna.


Moscow. Mari Vanna.

When I come to Moscow I always want home made Russian traditional cuisine. Like my mother or grandmother used to cook, without frills and unnecessary glamour.

When you go to “Mari Vanna” you don’t feel like in a restaurant, you feel like you visiting your friends house. Cloakroom attendant in a tracksuit and cozy slippers welcomes you with a smile, cat purring on the windowsill, black-and-white Soviet TV shows retro classic. In such a hospitable environment you not only want to have dinner, but – stay forever.)

Being half Russian, half Greek, I have same nostalgia for both kitchens. Therefore, during my visit to Russian restaurant “Mari Vanna”, my friends and I ordered almost the entire menu.

Salo with black traditional bread and meat pies (pirogi) turned out to be my favorite dishes that day. I finished it all, drank two glasses of kefir (which I unfortunately can not find anywhere in Zurich), and there wasn’t much space left in my stomach. However, we didn’t stop, and from everything that we tried, I highly recommend you skoblyanka with mashed potatoes (essentially this is a beef-stroganoff only tender and without mushrooms).

Well, and if you are fans of desserts I would highly advise you napoleon, which is lighter than the air or honey cake (however it is sweeter).

After polishing that «stomach festive» by a glass of warm tea, the only thing you want, is to lie down on the couch and fall peacefully asleep listening to the purring cat.

Bon appetit!


“Salo” with traditional russian black bread
Meat pies “pirogi”
Pancakes “blinis” with red caviar
“Skoblyanka” with mashed potatoes
Chicken Cutlet Pozharsky (or Kiev Cutlet)
“Vareniki” with cherries and sour cream
Honey cake “Medovik”

Photos taken by me in Mari Vanna Moscow
All info about this restaurant in Moscow and all over the world here:

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