Mouthwatering Zurich


Mouthwatering Zurich

Since I’ve noticed quite a success of my previous food post “Delicious Geneva”, I decided to continue sharing with you my favorite spots all over the world. Although I moved from Geneva to Zurich only 1,5 half ago, I’ve already checked tons of restaurants and café’s in order to find the ones which I like the most. Here is a few of them, hope my tips will be useful. And don’t forget to share your opinion afterwards..))

“Tao’s “

Sometimes there is an evening when you arrive at one place and don’t leave it all night long. Well Tao’s is one of them. This cute tiny (on the first glance) mansion situated 3 min walk distance from Bahnhofstrasse. Get inside and start you journey with the fancy cocktail in the Bar/Smoking lounge room. Afterwards you need to fill up your stomach with delicious Asian fusion cuisine. My favorites are coconut lemongrass soup and veal paillard with herb&butter sauce. I’m insisting on ordering creamy spinach as the garnish (although I’m not a big fan of “healthy” vegetables) this dish tastes better than mashed potatoes. Continue your night on the last floor, dancing under the groovy hits unless your shoes will start to steam.

P.s. During the warm season TAO’s garden isa  perfect getaway from a city hustle.

Augustinergasse 3, 8001 Zürich

+41 44 448 11 22


“George Bar & Grill” 

Places like this I call “Friday restaurants”. Penthouse “George Bar&Grill” is situated on the last floor of the casino in the center of Zurich. Start with burrata and veal carpaccio, but leave a space for steaks and truffle french fries. Enjoy the atmosphere. Long bar in the middle of the restaurant, astonishing view from the terrace, live piano music and a dj after will help you to get inspired for the weekend adventures.

‪Sihlstrasse 50, Haus Ober, Seite Sihl, Penthouse 5, 8001 Zurich ‬

+41 44 444 50 60‬lavitrinedaline_food_zurich_george


If you are not scared to take a risk, than book a table in Coco’s. Since the place is quite small you need to do it in advance. Main concept of the “Coco’s” is to surprise the guests. The only choice that you can make in this restaurant, is what do you prefer more “fish” or “meat”, and what wine will accompany the meal. By the way, if you want to impress your guests, by the special arrangement you can enjoy your dinner inside the restaurant’s wine cellar (just don’t forget it’s quite chilly there).

Bleicherweg 1a, 8001 Zürich
+41 44 211 98 98lavitrinedaline_food_zurich_cocos.jpeg


This charming french place you’ll adore from the first step, when friendly owner is greeting you at the entrance, calling you by your name and letting you choose a table. “Lumière” serves one of the best entrecote “café de Paris” in town. They are bringing it straight from the oven in a quite large steaming pot, so you can even skip the starter in order to save some space in your stomach. Although I love almost every dish in this restaurant – refreshing salad “Lumiere”, or hearty truffle potato soup, or tender octopus, you name it!  But don’t forget about wine, I know it’s quite surprising to find Spanish wines in the french brasserie, but they are worth to try.

Widdergasse 5, 8001 Zürich
+41 44 211 56 65lavitrinedaline_food_zurich_lumiere


This café on the last floor of the Grieder mall is perfect for a break during exhausting shopping day or if you missed swiss luch time (12.00-14.00), because here they serve food from the tiny but delish menu all day long. My suggestion is juicy cheeseburger, which has everything you need from perfect quality meat to sunny side up egg and coleslaw salad. This spot is my favorite during warm sunny days, when you can sit in an intimate atmosphere of the rooftop terrace and imagining yourself somewhere in New York.

Bahnhofstrasse 30, 
8001 Zurich
+41 44 224 37 00lavitrinedaline_food_zurich_giederbar


To make your Sunday day even more perfect I suggest you to drive 15 min from the town, drop your car somewhere next to the Dolder Hotel and head to the woods. After refreshing walk you might get hungry. Your saver will be the restaurant “Degenried” hidden between green trees or snow (depends on the time of the year). As for me this homelike spot serves tastiest schnitzel. Soft, thin and very juicy – exactly how I like it. Also this restaurant has a special area, which called “fonduewagen”, perfect entertainment for the big group of friends during the wintertime. Where you can enjoy different versions of fondue accompanied by local wine.

Degenriedstrasse 135, 8032 Zürich
+41 44 381 51 80lavitrinedaline_food_zurich_degenried


This is the perfect spot for lunch not only location wise (on the central street Bahnhofstrasse), but also food wise. I am truly suggesting you truffle ravioli. Surprisingly big portion (for this type of pasta) could fill your stomach even without additional courses. Tender taste of this dish will keep your mood up for the rest of the day. Not in the mood of pasta? Ribeye steak or perfect cheeseburger won’t disappoint you either.

Bahnhofstrasse 25, 8001 Zurich
+ 41 44 210 08 08lavitrinedaline_food_zurich_bärengasse

“Da Angela” 

I know it’s quite risky to say that, considering the huuuuuuge amount of the Italian restaurants in Zurich city. But in my opinion this place serves the best Italian deserts ever. Tiramisu and semifreddo are to die for. Although I started my descripton with the deserts, delicate ossobuco and buttery ravioli are also worth driving for to this part of the town. As well as a friendly and classically trained staff.

Hohlstrasse 449, 8048 Zurich
+41 44 492 29 31lavitrinedaline_food_zurich_daangela


This spot for me is something extraordinary for such a classy city like Zurich. Imagine crew of chefs from different countries, cooking their national vegetarian dishes and serving it in a perfectly equipped buffet “non-stop” 7 days a week, bar with the funky music and cocktails, restaurant “a la carte” on the higher floor and the club during the weekend nights. Honestly I haven’t seen more hardworking and always crowded place in the whole city. By the way, me as the not really vegetable person, could say that amount of tasty vegetarian dishes is mind-blowing. Even my 17 year old brother Ilias, who prefers beer and sausages stayed satisfied after vegetables for lunch..)

Sihlstrasse 28, 8001 Zürich
+41 44 227 70 00lavitrinedaline_food_zurich_hiltl

“Le Beujolais” 

As a half Greek person I just could not miss trying ALL taverna’s in town. And I finally have chosen my favorite one. Don’t be surprised by the combination of french name “Beaujolais” and words “greek tavern” next to it. This tiny place on the streets of the Seefeld area may be not the most stylish design wise, but definitely the tastiest. Please order dishes “greek style”, don’t limit yourself only with 1-2 dishes. My husband and I are always reserving table for 4 people. Imagining us somewhere in Mykonos under the shadows of the olive trees we are ordering all our favorite dishes and sharing them between each other. Our must’s: fried halloumi cheese, dips like tzadziki and taramosalata with pita breat, giant beans in tomato sauce, fried “calamari”, lamb chops and oven baked traditional lemon potatoes. All this must be combined with karaf of the light white Greek wine.

Seefeldstrasse 167, 8008 Zürich
+41 44 422 33 55lavitrinedaline_food_zurich_beaujolais

Guten Appetit!

Yours Aline

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