New life – new season!


New life – new season!


My dear followers thank you very much for your patience. As you all may have guessed that my silence on the blog was connected with the appearance of the little baby.

Monsieur Nicolas Poprawski-Kaltsidis was impatient and was born one month earlier, completely healthy and happy at 19.40 on the 9th of January 2015. Thank you for all your kind wishes and words on my Instagram page (@aline_kaltsidou). Me, Patrick and Pepper are totally happy and finally got used to our new little family member- Monsieur Nicolas.

So let the new season on my blog begin! Very soon, you will see new recipe of my favorite dish and Barcelona guide in the “Food” section, new accessories and tracks of the week and of course lots of beautiful shootings.

Yours Aline 

baby3On the picture: Saint Laurent dress, bag and parka; Maison Michel hat; Prada sunglasses; Del Toro slippers; Aston Martin for Silver Cross limited edition stroller; Louis Vuitton baby bottle bag.


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