Paris. Ralph’s


Paris. Ralph’s

Have you ever been in Paris? If yes, then you certainly know this feeling… The feeling of indescribable joy the first days, when at wonderful sunny afternoon you as a true Parisienne enjoying fois gras for lunch in an authentic brasserie. If you stay more than two days this feeling starts slowly melting away. After 3-4 days you cannot look at snails or onion soup anymore. And even starting to consider falling for obviously non-French offers of kebab.

I was in the most romantic capital more than once, Paris fashion weeks are still there. However particularly last time my organism, which was surviving on green tea during the day, demanded substantial food. And thanks to a nice concierge Tonny from Shangri-La Hotel I have got it.

Cozy Ralph’s restaurant is located near Ralph Lauren boutique. Do you see lines in between? Once you are in the threshold of a small restaurant you feel that you got into American country club of 1920s. Walls coated with wood, leather furniture, horses on paintings and my favorite part –swing sounding as it was replayed on vinyl records.

While you are enjoying deep fried olives and a glass of wine you are served with a menu. And there I would recommend, no I‘d rather insist that you get cheeseburger. Soft brioche accentuates rich meat taste (by the way it is delivered directly from Ralph Lauren’s rancho). And if your organism wants sweets afterwards then American deserts with French flavor is something that you will like. However, I was too full, but even small espresso cup was served with delicious caramelized popcorn.

Bon appetite!

Yours Aline







Ralph’s, 173 Boulevard St.Germain, Paris, France

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