Sunny Mykonos


Sunny Mykonos


I guess this is my favorite beach restaurant in Mykonos. Truly suggest you to arrive by boat and spend the whole day in this “place to be”. Start with frappe and suntanning next to the calm greek waters. When you start feeling really hungry- move to the restaurant. My favorite tables are situated in the shadow of the trees directly on the sand. After trying their taramasalata (national greek dish- mousse of fish roe) with crunchy pita, I said that if I could, I would marry this dish (sorry Patrick, you still the best, although u are not food…). Menu of the restaurant gives you huge variety of the dishes from all over the world. Very tender sushi rolls, delicious greek appetizers, creamy risottos and of course freshest fish catched by the fishermans in front of you. After fulfilling lunch, burn your calories by dancing on the beach till the sunset.



They say colors, scents, sea and food are the best reasons to come back to Solymar, and I can tell you, its true. Very cosy and calm beach restaurant where you can even come be with your small kid. Well known Chef Marios Tsouris, surprised me (a very spoiled foodie) with the quality, presentation and amazing taste of the typical dishes still with the modern twist.



After just being opened this summer Scorpios has become “place to be” straight away. Although its a beach restaurant/bar, swimming and suntanning are not the best reason to come to Scorpios. You’re free to choose either you want to enjoy lunch full of Mykonos trendy people or you come later for the drinks and music while watching the sunset.



Santa Marina Hotel has been always famous of their beautiful and peaceful beach situated in the small harbour. So it was just a matter of time when some of the well-known restaurant brands will pay attention to it. Since summer 2015 Buddha Bar smartly took over beach restaurant in the Hotel and no one got disappointed by this.



Since summer 2015, Mykonos can offer you one more restaurant with international name and perfect reputation. Hakasaan has been always one of my favorite destinations for chinese food and lychee martinis, no matter where I am, Dubai or London. This time they were lucky enough to get one of the best locations in the heart of Chora (Mykonos town). Situated in the place, that used to be one of the oldest greek restaurants with the lovely garden – Ling Ling hasn’t disappointed me and has even proved that sometimes unexpected new is better than well known old.



As soon as you enter you will see charming, yet modern designed garden in the heart of town. This is the perfect place to start your night out. Creative cocktails, delicious food and friendly stuff –  exactly what you will get in this place. My heart has stopped the moment I tried their “lobster creamy cheese pasta”.



Located in Belvedere Hotel it’s one of the first well-known international restaurants in Mykonos. Every night restaurant is full of Nobu Matshisa fans. Opened in 2004 its still surprisingly one of the best places “to be seen” during dinner on the island. Rock shrimp tempura with spicy creamy sauce and crunchy rice with spicy tuna, are my favorite dishes.


Καλή σας όρεξη!

Yours Aline


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  1. Islim Kalali
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    Very nice!!!! I need some ideas for Koroni, Kalamata area!!!
    That would be so great!
    Thx Isi

  2. admin

    Very nice article!

  3. Marcel

    I love Mykonos!

    • Birdie

      Oh, Karen, me, too! That whole train of thought keeps me from phoning, well, most everyone! I don’t want to interrupt and I don’t want to intrude, so I just don’t call. See, there’s that ࠼just„ again.

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