Turn and the world is yours


Turn and the world is yours

Few days ago jewelry brand Piaget re-launched their “Possession” collection.

“Turn and the world is yours” the slogan of the collection which you can understand not only figuratively, but also literally since most of the pieces can turn around.

This light, sophisticated jewelleries are perfect with every style you prefer to wear. To prove it, 18 Swiss bloggers collaborated with the brand to show in the contest different ways of styling the collection.

You can support ME by VOTING on their website.

#piagetpossession #myturn

On the pictures Me wearing: Burberry skirt, Louboutin nude pumps, Edie Parker “Aline” clutch, Zara jeans shirt and bracelets, earrings, necklaces from Piaget “Possession” collection. 

Photos by Andrea Monica Hug

Yours Aline

Photo: Andrea Monica HugPhoto: Andrea Monica Hug

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  1. Vil

    Such an elegant look! x

  2. Alla
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  3. Leoni
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    Stylish and very feminine. A simple but eye-catching look! Great necklace, I like it very much.


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