Vintage Look – Joseff peacock earrings


Vintage Look – Joseff peacock earrings

In late 1920s Eugene Joseff who has just left his advertising business in Chicago, landed in Hollywood. He was going on set and criticizing that they were using modern jewelry on period films.” In his Hollywood home garage, Joseff began experimenting with processes for making costume jewelry. With his brother Jimmy Glaser, he founded Sunset Jewelry Manufacturing. He was doing a lot of tests with what he could accomplish with pouring metal.

At first, Joseff was working with a limited budget, making pieces to order, which inspired him to start renting his jewelry to studios, a concept he pioneered.

In the ’30s and ’40s, Joseff was supplying over 90 percent of the jewelry in the movies.

Elizabeth Taylor, Marlyn Monroe, Vivienne Lee – you name it! The most iconic Hollywood stars were wearing his jewelry during the film sets.

If you lucky enough, you still can find his signature pieces online or in some small vintage shops. As for me, Im a huge fan of his big metal earnings, and have quite a few of them in my collection.

Yours Aline

On the pictures me wearing: Valentino dress, Charlotte Olympia shoes, Joseff of Hollywood earrings.

Photos by Enisey




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