Zurich. Alice Choo.


Zurich. Alice Choo.

Are u ready to spend a wild weekend in Zurich? Than I have a perfect suggestion for you, to have a look at freshly opened place in town with the mysterious name – Alice Choo.

This bar, restaurant, lounge and club has straight away attracted attention of the spoiled international crowd. And believe me to book a table during the weekend in advance won’t be superfluous.

As for me, a person who adores asian cuisine and electronic music that was place #1 to check out during the last weekend.

Before you head to your table, I insist you guys to start with a cocktail at the Bar. Even being heavily pregnant I found myself a delicious non-alcoholic option called “Holy Grail” (honestly I was dreaming about adding 1 shot of tequila inside, but I guess it will happen only after January..)))  and tried a sip from “Last Samurai” a cherry martini of my husband. Besides bartender paid a lot of attention to the serving, which totally kept up with the taste, and impressed me quite a lot.

To have enough of power for the long night you should definitely try asian dishes in Alice Choo’s restaurant. Sushi and sashimi, dim sums, noodles, everything is there (but my friendly advice – you should specify the grade of spiciness in your dishes, otherwise you will end up crying with some hot tears). I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the Chef of the kitchen- Nathan Dellimore,  who I knew before by delicious fusion food from Simachev Bar in Moscow, and who also used to work on one of my private events in Greece.

But frankly speaking kitchen and the bar are not the only reasons to visit this place. My heart totally melted when after the main course old scratchy vinyl music started to play and burlesque dancer performed her charming dance. Freaky clowns, extravagant artists and odd creatures: this place reminds me of a secret clubs from the past. You’d better be ready for an evening of magic and burlesque mixed with deep electronic music. As for me I straightly decided that this is definitely “my kinda of a place”.

Limmatstrasse 275
CH-8005 Zürich
+41 44 448 11 11

Have fun!

Yours Aline




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