Zurich. Best Burger.


Zurich. Best Burger.

I moved to Zürich several years ago and took my time to write this post. I’ve tried many restaurants and cafés before expressing my own opinion. Straight away let me say that Im not trying to offend anyone. Like they say different people, different tastes.

Bärengasse for me has always been a lunch place in the heart of Banhofstrasse area for bankers. UNTILL one day when I came there for a dinner and tried their burger. Trust me, its the BEST BURGER in Zürich!

You can choose between 2 options with cheese or without (although, I highly recommend to go with a cheesy option, unless u dont have allergy). Also keep in mind, that according to the restaurants original receipe, your buger will arrive with 2 patties (240gr) of Ojo de Agua medium grilled meat. For my taste 2 patties is a bit too much for a cheeseburger. You barely can fit it in your mouth, so my suggestion is to order only 1 piece of meat. The rest is pure perfection- mixture of home made BBQ sauce with mayonnaise fits exquisitely fresh cucumber and tomato.

As for the garnish, I suggest you potato gratin (very tender and creamy baked in its own cocotte) or classical veeeery crunchy pommes allumettes. And don’t forget to order a nice glass of Pure Corte D’oro which perfectly fits Ojo de Agua meat.

Bon appétit!

Yours Aline

Bahnhofstrasse 25 
CH – 8001 Zürich

Photos taken by me (c)

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