Zurich. Miki Ramen


Zurich. Miki Ramen

The Ramen hype reached Zurich quite a while ago. However, it took me some time to find good and authentic ramen. If you are craving a hearty, delicious meal you should check out Miki Ramen. Don’t expect any fanciness from this small place in the Sihlport area, but be ready leave full and satisfied. The menu contains 5 different types of Ramen. My personal favourite is Shouy Ramen (clear bouillon with soya sauce, noodles and ramen ingredients). But if you are ready for the rich, intense and spicy broth accompanied with minced meet (veggie option also available) I strongly recommend you to try out Tantanmen. If Ramen is not enough for you (which I doubt since the portions are really huge) there is also some typical Japanese dishes like gyoza, edamame and tofu.


Yours Aline

Miki Ramen

Sihlfeldstrasse 63

8003 Zurich

Photos taken by me (c)

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